Problem in Focus

Have you ever got lost inside a large building, shopping complex or offices while finding your way to the desired venue?

We are sure the answer is yes!

Indoor navigation has been a matter of intensive research in the past years, the problem being inability to achieve accurate positioning inside indoor arena. Some technologies that are being used for indoor navigation include GPS, Beacons and WiFi access points triangulation but these technologies are inefficient and unable to solve the problem of positioning and navigation in indoors as the GPS has an accuracy of more than 10 metres (in indoors less than 1m is required), beacons tend to show false position due to environmental factors such as metal presence and require high calibration time and hassle of frequent battery replacement is huge. Wi-Fi method require large number of access points which is unlikely in relatively smaller areas.


Ever imagined an indoor navigation system that works accurately without the hassle of connecting yourself to hundreds of access points or beacons ?

If not, we're here!

Navify is our solution being the first to have a hardware free process to map a venue and make it recognisable for mobile devices to detect accurate position and enhance it with Augmented Reality.

Yes! We are the first company that offers augmented reality based indoor navigation without the use of special hardware. Thanks to augmented reality and efficient navigation technologies, we are able to provide worldwide unique holistic solution which enables clients to easily make their venues recognisable for mobile devices and gain added value with augmented reality.

Tech Stack

We are a team of motivated developers with years of experience in Computer Vision, especially Multi View Geometry and VSLAM. We have solutions for both Android and iOS which allows to find your way inside large office complexes, shopping malls, airports, museums and hospitals. We use python as our back end and follow a pipeline which is explained in the image below:


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