We were seeking to create a discrete yet fully functional assistance device.

What it does

NAVI is a simple addition to any pair of glasses that provides guidance through vibrations and voice commands -Utilizes bone conduction technology to leave ears open to surroundings -Discrete and easily hidden -Connects through smart phone to NAVI app -Provides directional guidance with directional vibrations -Provides outdoor/indoor surrounding guidance through voice commands -Announces Points of Interest as well as potential hazards

How we built it

We designed the prototype using Blender, then exported and 3D printed.

Challenges we ran into

-Technical prototype development -Comfortable design that fits seamlessly on any pair of glasses

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We developed a clean and professional looking product along with a great video to present NAVI.

What we learned

-Engineering design process experience -Team cooperation skills

What's next for NAVI (Navigational Assistant to the Visually Impaired)

Hopefully the next step would be to actually produce and implement the device

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