Over the last 100 years, the system of education, in general, has not changed significantly. Though online platforms have revolutionized education it has proven to be very time consuming and a very easy way to distract students from their normal flow of study. Many of us have been staying at home quite a lot in the past couple of months, probably for longer than we've ever been. And although the current measures do allow us to go outside, there are still a lot of places that are not open yet - schools and universities being part of that. Which made learning move online, for most students for the first time ever. And this meant that both teachers and students had to adapt to online learning in a short period of time. But this has also brought challenges. Getting explanations from teachers requires more effort, searching for information online can sometimes take a long time if you're unsure what to look for or what you don't understand, but what if you could use your phone and the textbook you already have to get further explanations on a particular topic that you don't quite understand?

What it does

T Square AR books allows you to use your phone in order to display additional content on the screen of your device for the page that has been scanned. This content could be in the form of a video with further explanations, a 3D model, pictures, or even animated sequences. This will make current textbooks more engaging, but more importantly, it will bring a new way of providing information to students in order to have them better understand the subject they are learning, without making big textbooks even bigger.

How we built it

Using Unity as our basic platform to create the Augmented reality application with all necessary assets required for the app. Vuforia was used for the target manager and using the API license key we were able to import the targets into Unity.

Challenges we ran into

So far there is only a demo created as a proof of concept with a limited number of targets. In order to produce the content for any textbook, the following should be taken into consideration. Experts in the field: Someone with knowledge in that field must be involved in order to produce the appropriate explanations or any other information necessary. Development team: a team of programmers and app developers is required to come up with a more passive way to run targets and data through a system in order to create a more efficient and productive software. Content creators: A team of amateur level creators to develop the necessary content to be augmented.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The real application and the basic concept was created in the designated 24 hours. As one of the members of this team is currently working on a Medical textbook, with this proof of concept coming to life, we will be able to implement this application into an actual medical textbook before going to the mainstream market.

What we learned

we learned about teamwork and the beautiful world of Augmented Reality.

What's next for T Square AR books

Because of the current pandemic situation, it was a very important move to shift education to a more self-sufficient method and to maintain a self-sufficient method even when the pandemic is over. It has been too long that the education system has not revolutionized globally but this is the right moment to make that change.

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