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“Annyeonghaseyo! I am John and I’d like to help you with your bank account transaction”. Nowadays, chatbot technology has helped to save a lot of time and to make things simple between the interaction user and operating system. However, there’s a big concern about security when providing personal information. Moreover, when the system is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Due to these issues, it is necessary to implement a new service in Naver cloud platform that will allow users to share personal information through a safety scan control with chatbots.

JUSTIFICATION • Safe automatization response interaction user-product provider (through chatbot) • Trustable product provider (bank apps) which require personal information • Improve security satisfaction of the client

For instance Woori Bank 'Wibibot' KEB Hana Bank 'Fingo' Shinhan Bank 'Solomate' IBK IB 'i-ONE Bot' 10 insurance companies, 6 banks, 3 savings banks, 7 financial investment companies, etc. 21 companies plan to introduce chatbot by 2019 ie. McKinsey - The prospect that AI and machine learning will create more than $ 250 billion in value in the banking industry

Trends are increasingly going from messenger to payment so we need a trustable method for user interactions (ex. KakaoTalk Cacao AI Chatbot - Cacao Pay payment (Lotteria, Enerrinus case) However, the more the chatbot is linked to the transaction, the higher the fraud and damage and therefore it is difficult to know what is the real chatbot (based on statistics)

Security features in chatbots became very important. In particular, AI chatbot has defined the dialogue scenarios with the customer and then provides the services according to the keywords that the user enters.

"Chatsbots using AI technology are still in the early stages of research, development and application, and threats such as personal information leakage can be triggered, so it is necessary to anticipate possible security threats and consider countermeasures." -

So, for these reasons, where there is an open platform, the risk is greater.


Bank security has evolved considerably - encryption, copy protection, etc. - still vulnerable (grounds) Some financial companies do not encrypt some personal information such as resident registration numbers, or do not provide staff access control procedures for information collected through chatbot. Actual case)

SOLUTION To prevent this security situation, we created this security program! "Q & A based enterprise chatbot verification solution by Naver API"

Real chatbot Fake chatbot The core subjects of the service are User, Enterprise Server, and Chatbot. Here, the user assumes that he or she registered the Personal Question and Answer with the enterprise server when he first joined the membership. If you are an Unregistered User, you must register separately to use the Chatbot service. Chatbot verification is based on the Q & A registered at the time of signing up. When the user sends a question to Chatbot in advance, Real Chatbot calls the appropriate response from the Enterprise Server and sends it to the User. However, in the case of Fake Chatbot, it will either ask the wrong answer in its own server, or it will give the wrong answer. This allows the user to check the authenticity of the chatbot he or she is dealing with.

■ How It Works (DEMO) We assumed Enterprise as a bank, and User succeeded in implementing the process of chatting with the bank Chatbot through Facebook Messenger. Video - If you talk to the first chatbot first, the role of the basic chatbot and five choices window Chatsbot information, Q & A, banking service authentication process - Member registration

Now that the server is interlocked, you can share images later

■ Market Size Chatbot companies are listed all over the world - List of enterprise values - Market forecast (statistics)

■ Scability / Scalability Compensation for Deep Learning Limits of Existing Banks (Wrong answer) B2B Relative Sales and Naver AI Chatbot Promotion Utilizing it as a basis for interworking with Naver Pay later Global Scalability - A Global Example


CHATBOT LOGIC Question from Chatbot 1)
Hello! Welcome to Chatbot of WooriBank~ It’s a pleasure to have you here. How can I help you? Please choose one of the following categories:

1.1) About Woori 1.2) Personal Service 1.3) Business Service 1.4) Woori Global Banking 1.5) Others

User Answer: Any random choice for the options presented above.

2) Question from Chatbot Can you please let us know if you are Woori registered user?

Answer: Y/N {If answer is NO→Would you like to register? (linkfor}--> if not→ Provide answer for the item, )

If Y , then Chatbot will ask question 3)

3) Would you like to try out our new security check up system to prevent possible chatbot scams and make your transaction more secure?

Answer: Y/N {If answer is NO→ then this ‘Ok, I understand. I would like to inform you that that your request will be proceed without any security check up. So, would you still like to continue? If YES--Provide the information. If NO→ go to (3))}.

If Y then Chatbot will ask 4)

4) In order to proceed the security check up, please enter your 10 digit unique id (Ex: 01058574121) Answer : some 10 digit id (Now connect the id with backend database of the bank)

questions for security starts now

Question from Chatbot 5)

I need you to test me now! Can you ask me 3 the security question provided by you during the registration? Lets start! (Ex. My childhood nickname?) – SEE SECURITY QUESTIONS BELOW

Response by the user: Yeah! Of course! Tell me my ‘childhood nickname’ ?

Now chatbot will give the correct answer.

Next, Question No.2 by user (any)

• This will continue for 3 times

5) Question from Chatbot: Are you satisfy with my good memory :) ? Thanks for your time. Would you like to continue?

Answer: Y/N {If NO-> then chatbot is fake and user will stop talking to chatbot }

If Y, provide the answer for the question user asked:

1.1) About Woori

1.2) Personal Service 1.3) Business Service 1.4) Woori Global Banking 1.5) Others

Answers for above sections: 1.1) About woori WOORI BANK, the Korean Bank Leader WOORI takes the lead in developing, something something…. 1.2 ) 1.3 ) 1.4) 1.5)

Security questions (1-3 word): -childhood nickname Shiku Pancho Sol -crush name JungKook Jimin Suga Nayeon -First job town Corvallis Quito Delhi -High school graduation 2010 2015 2002 -Childhood friend Carlos Matthew ChangWoo -First kiss Diane Inseo Steve -Sibling Birthday 1992 1995 2000
-Ice cream flavor Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry -Favorite band BTS Backstreet Boys Bruno Mars -Favorite teacher Lee Sorim Darren Williams Steve Cho -Oldest cousin Carmen Shraddhu Juan -First car Hyundai Kia Chevrolet -Anniversary 1997 2015 2010 -Childhood hero Superman Doraemon BahuBali

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