The purpose of this app is to allow users to navigate safely through potentially dangerous areas. This is accomplished by using a Google Maps overlaid with a heatmap of gun violence incidents.

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  • Point A to Point B navigation via Google Maps API.
  • Border changes color from green to red according to our custom calculated safety weighting of the area.
  • Only plots points (from the Gun Violence Database) within current view to optimize speed.
  • Input desired end point through the search bar at the top of the app.
  • Center button to center the map on the user.

Built With

  • React Native - The JS Framework used to make Native Mobile apps.
  • Visual Studio Code - The IDE used for writing most of our JS Code.
  • Google Maps API - The API used for mapping our data and directing the user from their location to a desired Point B.
  • Auth0 - Authenticator for our login page, used to retaining desired settings and direction history.
  • Vim - The text editor used.
  • nav-shield-api - Homemade API used to reference crime statistics.


  • Juan De Urtubey - Initial work, main app function, React Native wizard - jdeurt
  • Will Zhao - Code optimization, heat map function, main logic development, idea creator - VisionZ
  • Cameron Brill - Auth0 authentication, Login Page, Twilio notifier - gaiscioch
  • William Deng - Debugger, Chief Data Scientist, created sample data, also found the anomoly that is the "Eye of China" - wdeng112


  • The Internet is your friend :)
  • Code > Sleep
  • Congrats to the rest of the TAMU Hack 2019 contestants for their valiant efforts!

Built With

  • javascript-java-objective-c-ruby
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