Nav Shield is a prototype personal safety navigation app that is built with Google Maps and React Native. It helps users navigate safely to any destination by warning them if they are entering an area with historically higher levels of gun violence incidents.

In the future, this application could also be linked with live data to inform drivers to avoid areas where there are other types of life-threatening incidents, such as fires or car accidents.

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  • Point A to Point B navigation via Google Maps API.
  • Border changes color from green to red according to our custom calculated safety weighting of the area.
  • Only plots points (from the Gun Violence Database) within current view to optimize speed.
  • Input desired end point through the search bar at the top of the app.
  • Center button to center the map on the user.

Built With

  • React Native - The JS Framework used to make Native Mobile apps.
  • Visual Studio Code - The IDE used for writing most of our JS Code.
  • Google Maps API - The API used for mapping our data and directing the user from their location to a desired Point B.
  • Auth0 - Authenticator for our login page, used to retaining desired settings and direction history.
  • Vim - The text editor used.
  • nav-shield-api - Homemade API used to reference crime statistics.


  • Juan De Urtubey - Initial work, main app function, React Native wizard - jdeurt
  • Will Zhao - Code optimization, heat map function, main logic development, idea creator - VisionZ
  • Cameron Brill - Auth0 authentication, Login Page, Twilio notifier - gaiscioch
  • William Deng - Debugger, Chief Data Scientist, created sample data, also found the anomoly that is the "Eye of China" - wdeng112


  • The Internet is your friend :)
  • Code > Sleep
  • Congrats to the rest of the TAMU Hack 2019 contestants for their valiant efforts!

Built With

  • javascript-java-objective-c-ruby
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