We are a team of 6, and the project has been inspired from the troubles we have faced as an international students to navigate across the campus.

What it does

Our project's main motto is to provide a go to application(Nav-Central) to navigate across the campus without hustle. The application provides an interface to catch up the nearest available iRide bus to reach the destination and also leverages the concept of Ride Sharing , which helps the users to connect with the riders who want to share their rides with someone who needs help. It also helps the students/visitors to en-route for a specific hall/building within and outside the campus. Moreover, on search we are providing an ability to give suggestions for the users about the nearest location he/she wants to go. Application enables the students to get the reminders for their classes whenever they are scheduled.

How we built it

When we first arrived at the campus, we found it very difficult to navigate to a specific location from the current location. It was tiring job for us to reach a campus building to attend the orientation. We used to go round and round at times which used to drain us out. Though we had road maps available, it was tough to understand where we are moving as everything looks a bit similar and confusing for the new arrivals like us.

So we have come up with an idea of building the application Nav-Central. Primarily, we have listed the problems we faced from day one.Below are the listed ways in which we have designed solutions for the problems.

1 - To run away from the problem with usage of Paper Road Maps, We are incorporating the navigation feature within the application to understand where is the person currently at and the destination where he or she wants to go. 2- It is a bit long procedure for students or locals to book a ride with iRide, which we are trying to make as simple as booking it through the application with the nearest available bus. 3- Application indeed will help the iRide services as well. Instead of bus being in the fixed path, application will provide abundant data for the rider if he or she has to go to a specific stop or not, to pick up the passengers. 4- People who are unaware of the application can still book a ride from the bus stop itself by just clicking a button as pedestrians generally do. This button click will generate a booking within the system and intimate the nearest bus riders to pickup for that specific stop. 5- Students who wants to wander around the campus can use this application to go for place just by walk using the Explore feature. Explore feature also provides the users with the suggestions where they can go next. 6- Students at times miss out their schedule for classes. For students to be on time for classes, they can load their schedule into the system. And system does a job to bring in the alert according to the time they have selected which includes the location where they want to navigate to. 7- Ride Sharing is one another cool features we can surely say is the game changer. Travellers can do their entries in the application which helps the ride seekers choose and opt the best suits them. Selection can be made based on the estimated cost, time and travel capacity.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We as a team are super happy and really proud that, within 24 hours of time we could come up with a interactive prototype. It took a great effort and was challenging to bring this problem statements as everything seems available but not simple to access. We had to collaborate all the scattered resources at one place. There was allot of discussion to go forward with the problem statement and eventually we have made Nav-Central a possible outcome.

What we learned

Designing a hustle free navigation application within the campus.

What's next for NAV-CENTRAL

We are at prototype level. Nav-Central aims for going into the market for usage and every university in and around the Michigan can be adapted and promote the usage of this application.

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