In this age, almost every inch of our world is already mapped. You’ll navigate using google maps or some other GPS app. However, once you reach your destination and go indoors, GPS has no line of sight and you go back to asking directions. This is where NAV-AR comes into play.

Problem Statement

The indoor navigation methods of today include asking for directions from others or following the extremely confusing maps installed at some places. We aim to provide a solution for that. We have created a utility-based solution but it best fits the entertainment category out of the ones available.

What it does

NAV-AR is a mobile application that delivers highly accurate indoor mapping and navigation using Augmented Reality built on the principles of SLAM.

How we built it

We built Nav-AR by use of SLAM i.e., Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, a computational technique that involves the task of constructing an internal map of an unknown area whilst keeping track of its position inside the area. Next, we rendered the map and made use of A* pathfinding algorithm for finding the shortest path. To deliver a highly interactive Augmented Reality Experience, we used Unity Engine and Google ARCore. Lastly, we made use of a QR code scan mechanism for calibration and localisation purposes.

Challenges we ran into

(re)positioning the user inside the map while navigation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a fully functional Augmented Reality app (prototype) in a short span of time with an explanation video of the same

What we learned

Implementing Augmented Reality, A* Pathfinding algorithm for, baking navmesh and had a great experience.

What's next for NAV-AR

Making it more cloud-dependent so that the user can download the map from the database to navigate.

Note: We are aiming for the best overall hack and not exactly the entertainment track because we had thought of the idea beforehand and didn't have any other idea as good and resources to work on. Our prototype follows a "utility track".**

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