More than 37,000 species are threatened with extinction. That is still 28% of all assessed species. It therefore becomes very important to save the wildlife through education and NFT donations from artists, collectors, nonprofits to mention just a few.

The NatureMart is an effort to create NFTs for every threatened and endangered species in a wildlife, inspire action through education, and help save the wildlife by selling NFTs through an e-commerce storefront.

What it does

The app is an e-commerce and storefront for buying and selling of minted NFTs on the ethereum blockchain. Buyers can find out more about the wildlife through the NFTs and the threats they face in the wild. Art donors like artists, collectors help create and donate nature digital arts and the sales from the NFTs are mainly donated to support the work of wildlife conservation.

How we built it

The NFTs and their metadata are stored on the blockchain and IPFS while the CIRCLE platform APIs are used for the payments and settlements system. Payment transfer is done by transferring money from one wallet to another on the CIRCLE platform. Payments and payouts can also be made with other traditional methods like the credit cards, debit cards, ACH using various currencies including the US Dollar as well as cryptos such as Ethereum (ETH) and USD Coin.

I have used various technologies and tools such as ethereum, solidity, node javascript, IPFS, CIRCLE apis, postgresql, metamask accounts and vuejs to build the solution.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementations have been done to bring the ideas to life.

What we learned

I have learnt a lot about ethereum, solidity, IPFS with PINATA and, and the CIRCLE APIs.

What's next for NatureMart

I want to use the CIRCLE payouts API for settlement in USDC.

Built With

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