Naturely, with its sleek and intuitive user interface, is a simple-to-use sustainable gardening website that provides resources for individuals interested in eco-friendly gardening practices. By entering a zip code, our backend uses a combination of data analysis and preprocessing on datasets from various API endpoints to show the user the optimal vegetable, planting month, and expected growth rate for their location. Our algorithms account for the nitrogen levels and acidity of the soil in addition to the historical climate of the region. For the inputs, we conducted some data reduction to obtain the average temperatures for each month for the 50 states. We also determined ideal temperature ranges, soil types, and pH ranges for the most commonly grown vegetables in the US. The path fresh produce takes from farms to our grocery stores is quite complex; between the packaging and transport, the emissions released are excessive. Planting a veggie patch not only cuts down on these emissions, it also saves you an estimated 200 dollars during the peak growing season for just a simple backyard veggie plot. Naturely can be used by anyone, from people curious about what grows in their region to amateur and even advanced gardeners. Additionally, it is a fantastic educational tool: it can be used by towns to recommend when and what to plant to their residents, and in schools to learn about biodiversity in the United States. Change starts at the individual level. Change starts with Naturely.

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