Recently mining operations that have been carried out in Telangana and people faced a lot of problems but didn't have any government interface to inform the problem to government.

What it does

It's an application which will enable the general public to do the following: 1) To file complaints against suspicious natural activities in their locality. These are later addressed by the govt. after being validated by the municipal corporation in their locality. 2) To participate in active afforestation without taking much time and effort. 3) To create awareness among the general public by interesting them top 5 incidents of the day.

How we built it

We firstly prepared the basic skeletal framework via bootstrap alongside html5. Then we applied the external css as well as the predefined bootstrap classes to obtain the required output. we took the images and icons from as well as Then we applied the additional js to the project.

Challenges we ran into

We were obstructed by the bootstrap js hintering our extenal js .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we created easy to use and simple UI as well as fluid UX.

What we learned

We have learnt the process of hackathon.

What's next for NatureDesk

It can be used in future directly as a governmental website to reach out to more audience.

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