I have always loved hiking, camping, and generally spending time exploring nature, especially during Spring/Summer. I recently found out that hiking is actually the third most common outdoor source of injury (CDC) and many people suffer from rapid deterioration of normally mild injuries because of a lack of knowledge and access to medical care when in the outdoors. I wanted to build a project that could address this need and ensure that there was not a knowledge or confidence gap that got in the way of people exploring and enjoying the outdoors.

What it does

Nature Buddy has two main functions, diagnosis and identification. Diagnosis provides next steps and immediate actions to treat most common and dangerous injuries and prevent further damage. Identification uses user input via a quick survey to identify a poisonous plant based on key characteristics and get information on prevention/treatment of any injuries/rashes.

How I built it

I built Nature Buddy using JavaScript and App Lab.

Challenges I ran into

My main overall challenge was scoping and scaling down my project to be able to build a functioning prototype within the time constraints, and I usually accomplished this using algorithms and abstraction. I also had to develop Nature Buddy from a loose idea based on personal experiences to a well defined plan by creating a flow chart and sketching screen designs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I’m glad I was able to build a unique app that addresses an issue that hasn’t been solved by a mobile app yet, and the overall implications and potential impact of improving and eventually publishing Nature Buddy to be used by people everywhere when it is safe to return to the outdoors.

What I learned

Through Nature Buddy, I was able to move from familiarity to mastery. I cross applied basic knowledge in other languages (Python, HTML) to building an app in JavaScript, and conducted intentional research on mindful user interface/experience design. Overall, I focused on moving away from hard coding towards abstraction and algorithmic thinking

What's next for NatureBuddy

I’d like to develop a greater range of supported flora and including common fauna from a region and creating a GPS based focus on which flora and fauna are suggested and supported.

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