NOTE: This project has ONLY been tested on CHROME


Gianco and I spend a lot of time in the woods climbing trees and playing with animals. It inspired us to make a fun version of iNaturalist, leading us to make an "iNaturalist," party game edition.

What it does

There are two main important parts to our game. Firstly, the website allows for scavenger hunts of animals to take place in your nearby forest (for example) with your friends and family, allowing them to take pictures of the wildlife in order to gain points. Secondly, the pictures that are taken are recorded and saved in a large database that is (soon to be) open-source and shared with other scientists. It allows scientists to learn where specific animals are located and what they look like.

How we built it

The architecture of Project Nature Strafe was built off of a vanilla HTML frontend while connecting a strong Node JS, Firebase, and Express infrastructure with little to no security vulnerabilities, Nature Strafe took away 100% of my sleeping time for a weekend. Without a doubt, this is Gianco and I's most ambitious hackathon hustle yet. We used object recognition code to classify all the animals that are taken pictures of during the strafe.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the project, I was challenged by the inevitable promise exceptions that were given by firebase. They made me lose tons of time and patience. Not only that, this is the first time Gianco and I worked on Machine Learning and object recognition from images.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I, personally, am extremely excited by the knowledge and patience I have gained from this experience. I have never stayed up for the full-time period during a hackathon. Plus, I admire all the new friends with like-minded brains that I met this weekend.

What we learned

Gianco and I learned a lot about the skills of working as a team, as well as a lot of coding problems that you may encounter when you are very tired. I experienced a new perspective of hackathons when working with other high schoolers, and not adults, as they have many different styles of work.

What's next for Nature Strafe

Nature Strafe will be 100% free from bugs soon and the rest of the core mechanics that I was not able to implement will be added. Then, I hope to transform it into a constant non-profit that will need little maintenence.

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