Team: legs Members: Alexis Duong (aduong) Emily Guo (emilyguo) Daphne Han (daphneh) Ellia Yang (elliay)


We were inspired by simple and lovable games such as Animal Crossing and we wanted to also create something educational, so basically like Animal Crossing with responsibilities.

What It Does

Nature Impact is a perfect combination of education on environmental issues and fun! Players pick up trash to earn in-game currency, which then can be used to improve their island, showing the importance of being environmentally friendly. Cleaning up the trash, as well as planting seeds, make the island more vibrant and beautiful.

How We Built It

We built most of the game's structure and function via Unity and C# and we used Aseprite and Photoshop for some assets.

Challenges We Ran Into

Figuring out how to build a game was challenging when none of us have experience with Unity, nor game design in general. Because of our lack of experience, we also ran into many troubleshooting issues in Unity. It was also difficult animating movements of the player.

Accomplishments That We're Proud Of

We were able to make a working game that reflects many of our aspirations and ideas in under 24 hours! We are also proud of being able to pick up Unity and C# in a short time frame. Additionally, we are also proud of being able to stay awake for this long :D

What We Learned

We learned the basics of game-making in Unity and C# as well as pixel-art making and animations. We also learned about how much time and effort matters in the final product, as well as familiarity with the platforms being used.

What's Next For Nature Impact

Because of the short time frame, we were not able to implement many of our original ideas. We hope that in a less time-constrained environment, we can include a multiplayer mode on an online server. We also hope that we can include more educational aspects. Additionally, we would like to expand the map of our game to include more regions as well as include a deeper and more immersive storyline.

(At this moment, we are unable to find a way to upload Unity files as they are too large in size so it cannot be shared).

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