Question 1) How many endangered species do you think there are in the world? According to the IUCN data in the WWF report; +41,000 species

Question 2) How much should be spent in a year to protect one species? 1 Specie, 1 Year: $1,300,000 41,000 Species in 1 Year: $50,000,000,000

Since these donations cannot be collected enough, adorable species are constantly starting to disappear from our lives. We wanted to take action on this issue, as we have seen closely the extinction of the species we love in our own country.

What it does

Nature ForeTold is a platform where young people, designers and professionals can come together and produce NFT, where they can both donate and generate income. We designed our platform to be user-friendly and minimalist. The user who logs into our site can access detailed information and learn how our system works. Then user will be able to transact on our site by connecting the crypto wallet in the upper right corner.

The user states how much he wants to sell a specie from the endangered animal list he created, how much of it will be donated, and how many of this NFT design he wants to sell. As Nature ForeTold, we are making this sale by connecting our platform to OpenSea. Along with the transparent payments made, the user is instantly notified of how much donations go where.

How we built it

First, we created the front-end part of the site using HTML, CSS, and Js. Then we had to use js again to activate Metamask. We used blockchain technology to set up the donation & income system that will act as a bridge between the market and the user. We continue to work to improve cyber security and site software.

Challenges we ran into

While creating the project, it was a bit challenging to see the missing part in the market and to look at the correct points. However, we have passed this stage with quality and timely research, unshakable discipline, and progress.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are thrilled to create a quality UI for our site quickly and make it public. We also feel proud that we consider donating organizations to be critical thinkers and see what they can improve.

What we learned

First, we learned how organizations make their donations, and we understood how important the term "transparency" is in this way. In addition, we have seen one by one how the TRON world can provide support in reaching our goal. As for the technical part; we learned what we should pay attention to when creating an NFT site and how to ensure the security of the Metamask wallet. We will continue to understand more and improve ourselves.

What's next for Nature ForeTold

We are trying to reach the leading NFT Artists in the World this month. In this way, we aim to accelerate our advertising speed. We are also in touch with professional NFT designers and blockchain developers. Moreover, we will try to grow our team and cooperate with prominent organizations such as WWF and WHO.

Details about NFT Upload and Smart Contract

You can find detailed information about the smart contract in the terms & conditions section of our platform. • The fact that the NFTs are original and do not contain any nationality, religion, political opinion, or similar derogatory elements will be controlled by our professional software and team, so after the platform is operational, the NFTs installed will fall into the system after a while. • Since we act as a bridge between OpenSea and the User, the need for smart contracts was limited. On the other hand, you can increase the number of NFTs you have created to donate in Smart Contract by using your NFT key. • Our updates on our platform continue.

Proposal for converting to TRON/BTTC

We have said that we plan to act as a bridge between the OpenSea platform and the user; the sales made on OpenSea are carried out through ETH. However, since we support TRON, we plan to do not the part that users donate but the amount they provide as income through TRON coins. We also plan to transfer the NFT number increase contact we developed on Remix to Tron-ide.

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