What inspired us? We wanted to complete meaningful activities to help us grow as people. As students of AP Biology, we have learned about the drastic effects of climate change and pollution. Therefore, as environmentalists, we wanted to present a solution in helping the environment with the help of programming and computer science.

Alright cool, but what does it do? Nature-Aid is a dynamic website that connects environmental-minded individuals with various types of events where they can participate and help save the environment.

How'd you build Nature-Aid? We built this front end of the website using HTML and CSS, giving the website a fresh look and a responsive UI. The back end was made using JavaScript, particularly express.js which served the front end and integrated the python web scraping. Python's Beautiful Soup was used to web scrape multiple websites to retrieve relevant information about ongoing events.

Some Challenges we ran into We ran into numerous challenges and issues which were solved through painstaking debugging, testing, and rewriting code. For example, the python web scraping was particularly hard due to the obscure HTML Layout of the websites making it difficult to retrieve relevant event information. Additionally, combining the JavaScript backend and the python web scraping was troublesome since they were different languages, meaning we had to find creative solutions to convert python-readable data into JavaScript-readable data. Finally, hosting the finished website on Heroku required a lot of workarounds and lots of configurations because of the various languages involved in our project.

Accomplishments we are proud of! We were proud of the successful integration of the back end with the python web scraping which troubled us for hours. The creation of the fully-fledged website with minimal bugs and flaws gave us great pride and joy.

What we learned from building Nature-Aid Throughout the production process of our website, we learned how to consolidate various languages together, especially the JavaScript backend and the python web scraping. Additionally, we also learned the intricacies of Python's Beautiful-Soup to successfully web scrape and return accurate information.

How will you forward the goals of our service? In the future, we would like to implement the ability for users/organizations to host their own events and advertise on the platform. Furthermore, we would like to implement a map with pinpoints of events so users may find locations much easier. Finally, we wish to optimize the python web scraping to speed up our results and display them.

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