I thought about it in a dream, and was going to do it a few days ago, but decided to save it for the hackathon.

What it does

Simulates natural selection of a simplified population.

How we built it

It's largely object oriented,

Challenges we ran into

I spent a really long amount of time bug testing, which was at times demoralizing. Because of the nature of the project, I'd often get code that wouldn't result in any errors, and I thus wouldn't realize that it has problems until way after I built it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is my first solo-project, so I'm proud that I could finish it on my own.

What we learned

I learned about using matplotlib, class methods, and gained a better understanding of dictionaries.

What's next for Natural Selection Simulation w/ Matplotlib

I'd like to balance the traits so that there's less variation and have people interact with each other rather than just with the environment.

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