There are too much information on the internet. To find a quick articles that their content is really related to the financial word, we need to spend a time to go over the website and reading the titles. But in many cases title does not reflect what is whole article about. And we want something new that can give us a financial insights and create a score for each topic from some website, so we can understand (quick and simple) the trends, news and volumes of financial information.

What is the value of Natural Match?

Natural match holds financial real time data from the top financial domains. • For each article you will be able to see: • If is it related to finance and how much it is related • What are the top terms that it talks about • The sentiment of those terms • The relation between the words in the article Save time! You will be able to know if this article is of your interest and worth reading • Get the hot topics in the finance world and be able to predict what is the best way to go • Invest in a new product development • Enhance functionality of existing product • Stop investing in a specific activity • And much more… Save or even earn more money! • And finally, it is very user friendly, few clicks and you will have all you need

What's next for Natural match

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