The elimination of mosquitoes is an expectation across the world. But completely eradicating mosquitoes is not realistic. Not every mosquito is harassing humans. “There are 3,500 named species of mosquito, of which only a couple of hundred bite or bother humans.” (Fang, 2010). Mosquitoes spread many diseases and affect human life. The focus is on how to change the habits of mosquitoes. The main effect of mosquitoes on humans lies in sucking blood. How to stop mosquitoes from sucking blood is the most important thing. Humans have used both genetically modified and physical way to kill mosquitoes. Among them, genetically modified mosquitoes caused serious accidents. Increase the mutation of mosquitoes, and the risk is huge. For example, the genetically modified mosquito experiment in Brazil. “...some offspring of the GM mosquitoes survived and produced offspring that also made it to sexual maturity” (Servick, 2019). There are many products of physical mosquito killer, such as electric mosquito swatter, mainly for personal use. I suggest using Natural elimination. Use bionic skin to make blood bags. Add a mixture of insecticide and blood to the blood bag. Use electrical heater to simulate the human body temperature. Collect volunteers' clothes after a lot of exercises to restore the taste of the body. Also, spray specific mosquito repellent products. Traps and kills mosquitoes that are resistant to mosquito repellent products and sensitive to human odor in the area. Create living space for the remaining mosquitoes. Then, use specific mosquito repellent can reduce mosquito bites. This method cannot completely eliminate mosquito bites, but it can greatly reduce the harassment of mosquitoes to humans.


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