Opportunity is a blessing. After traveling to villages in South America and Cambodia in my early college summers, I realized that not everyone has the best environment to build themselves a better life. Not everyone has a fair chance to move their way up in the world and live comfortably or support a family. That is why I started Nativendor.

What it does

Nativendor gives poor peoples in underdeveloped countries the opportunity to sell goods on our platform at a larger scale. Nativendor works with small production companies by creating a product page, helping them set a good price point, connecting them with customers. One of a kind, hand crafted goods are then bought in bulk and stored in a warehouse until orders are received.

How we built it

For the front-end user experience, Nativendor relies on two components:

  1)    A full-featured mobile app on iOS and Android built using C# and Xamarin
  2)    A flushed out website portal built on the Phoenix Web and Bulma Frameworks:

The backend relies on:

  1)    PostgreSQL for the Database to store items for sale
  2)    Elixir to connect the database and the website
  3)    Heroku to host the website

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are particularly proud of our elegant user interface. A simple, easy to use interface is key to adoption to increase customer and seller traction. Sometimes less is more.

What we learned

Not only did we learn about backend, web, and mobile development, but we also learned a lot about working on a team!

What’s next for Nativendor

Giving production companies access to information on how to improve their products, efficiency, and growth is our next step. Knowledge is power and we want to put this power in the hands of people who need it most. Message Input

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