The modern world is shrinking, and 50 years ago you could get by never leaving your hometown or learning a new language. Everyone in our team either speaks more than one language or is learning new languages, but sometimes you need to hear the words spoken from a native tongue in order to pronounce it right and to understand the language.

Native Teacher is built to take two people who want to learn each-others language and get them together, allowing them to hear it spoken the way it should be.

How I built it

followed tutorials, help from messenger engineers in the hackathon, ran the code several times, brainstormed together.

Challenges I ran into

fixed things to our needs, fixed the code's errors, time management

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

made it to work, had new friends, worked for 10 hours to build something useful for other people

What I learned


Native Teacher currently only connects people, but future iterations with the ever growing power of Facebook technologies could one day allow people to learn and teach spoken languages "face to face" from all around the planet!

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