It was based on the ideas of Tinder and Airbnb, but we wanted a friendly platform for solo or group travelers to form friendships with locals in the area that they were visiting, or for locals to get to know foreigners and show them around.

What it does

The interface is very similar to Tinder. Profiles show up on the first page and disappear when you either click Pass or Like. If the other party "likes" you too, you will receive a Friendship match, and a chat log is activated. You can switch between being a local or a traveler to get different app experiences.

How I built it

I used Android Studio. This was my first time using it and I tried my best to implement as much as I could with the little knowledge I had from tutorials online.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge I had was that my groupmates dropped out of the hackathon yesterday after dinner. I created the actual app entirely on my own since yesterday we were having a lot of trouble getting started. I also ran into a lot of issues with Android Studio and worked with a mentor this morning for over an hour because my app was not building. I really struggled to grasp to extensiveness of the libraries available and it was somewhat overwhelming looking at the syntax and examples I found online.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I actually got this done. My first hackathon ever.

What I learned

How to code with Android Studio.

What's next for NATIVE

Distance meter, being able to choose number of people you are looking for, Facebook login, saved chat sessions.

I have no idea how to upload my project... I can demo it on my computer though.

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