Inspired by the Native Heritage Month Prime Videos on Amazon, I watched movie after movie on touching themes, gathering clouds of emotion, the inspiration for this way, a path to healing and restoration. Maybe you should adopt an alternative lifestyle, join a local river restoration movement and join Tina by the river in this skill with six minutes of meditation, Ojibwe and Kashmiri. Inspired by the strong, natural indigenous women of Kashmir's Dal Lake, who still grow flowers and food on floating mats called BioHavens, and make Miyawakis too, in EthnoBotany. BioHavens help restore water bodies and also create habitats for fish and many aquatic creatures to return, return to healthy living rivers.

What it does

An APLA skill, with a story and music and images, a rich media immersion in the ways of restoration and healing of the ancients, from celts to indigenous asians and americans, rediscover your true belonging. The skill is soon published on Amazon.

How I built it

Using the Low Code approach with custom APLA optimizations, the best of two worlds, this skill promotes the Unix philosophy of minimizing hand coding, and uses VoiceFlow as a visual declarative paradigm.

Challenges I ran into

Computer and compiler glitches, system faults and mysterious haywire episodes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

High FIdelity music and heritage so carefully preserved without disturbing hidden, true indigenous people, kept safe with filters.

What I learned

That time moves, and we dry landers never made a difference, as Akiro Miyawaki says, if even holocaust land were left alone in less than 500 years, it would heal and recover to pristine forests, maybe Earth is Neptunist like the river Amazon is, as the rivers symbolize e-commerce, there is the social and environmental responsibility to keep it healthy and clean, pristine, a river restoration movement, represented in this skill.

What's next for Native Heritage Month.

More Interactive content, stronger lobbying and of course more APL!

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