A news story on CNBC and NPR explained the innovation of an app that can pull one County database of shelter locations with NO reported GPS. Hundreds of counties in America require shelter location reports and NONE of them offer an app to help families report the exact GPS coordinates. I thought about how easy it would be to give citizens an ability to register their precise shelter location along with basic shelter information with a standard mobile device GPS sensor and app. The data obtained will be sent to any county registered shelter database so that after a tornado devastation, first responders can search for trapped families in a timely and effective manner. This app could easily compliment fire fighters apps pulling the precise data points and because we are utilizing a national DoD adopted XML standard schema for registering points of interest on maps. Other developers could gain proper authorization and utilize this data for other critical national mapping use cases. We want to build a national citizen enterprise mapping point standard, not just a storm shelter precise reporting app. But that is a great start and valuable asset for our tornado prone states. Future development activities centered around this challenge post could eventually integrate reports to the centralized national database on dangerous down or damaged power line reports, dangerous intersections and homeland security threats across any platform and application. We want to build the standard and create simple apps citizens can use to report critical mapping points for first responders and assist our national security. The people offer the greatest benefit to saving lives when disaster strikes. I can build this open system for state county and national systems to use. And this simple, innovative app to help citizens report their precise storm shelter locations will help save lives.

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