I wanted to attend Capital One's Software Engineering Summit. In order to attend that, I had to do this coding challenge

What it does:

Users can do a few simple but straightforward features. They can “Find a Park” by selecting a state (both in our Navigation bar and on the center of the homepage) or “Search” for a park. Once a user has searched or selected a state, the screen leads to a results page listing multiple park locations. Each listed item has a slideshow of images, the name of the park, state designations, and a short description. The user can select a specific park, redirecting them to a detail page specific to that park. On the detail page, our user first sees a map view of the park selected. As the user scrolls down, the user can view a sections of information pertinent to the park selected. The sections present the user with an overview, alerts, articles, news, events, places, visitor centers, campgrounds, and educational information. To help the user navigate easily, a sticky “Categories” section allows the user to access different sections directly. A “Back to Top” button is also placed to allow the user to scroll back to the top with ease.

How I built it:

I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript for the front-end, and used django's framework for the back-end development

Challenges I faced:

Some API endpoints were broken. Also, some JSON data returned for some locations have a lot of empty fields. This makes the user experience a little jarring.

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