Please check out the GitHub repo for much more info on this app

In an effort to understand what Serverless Applications are I completed a course on what it is, how it works, and where its going in the future. Here is the product after completing about 120hrs+ of study.

Here we have "Nate's Taco Shack", a fictional restaurant based out of Austin, TX. We give users the ability to view the current menu, chefs employed at our location, order for curbside or delivery, receive emailed order details, and a hidden feature for a beer menu!

This application goes over a ton of modern web development practices and features. Such as, ES6 JavaScript, Gatsby, React.js, GraphQL, Headless CMS, Progressive Images, Scoped CSS, Serverless Functions. Just to name a few.

There is some really good stuff here, check it out, read the README, click the links, whatever makes your heart content. 😊

Built With

  • gatsby
  • graphql
  • headless-cms
  • progressive-image-loader
  • react
  • sanity
  • scoped-css
  • serverless
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