The NASH PROJECT is a galactic Sci-Fi game based on the NASH universe. Nashcials (NSC) are inspired by Dune, paying homage to the “spices” in Dune. NSC are the purest form of energy in the universe, an indispensable resource necessary for the evolution of civilization.

“Those who control Nashcials controls the Universe”

The project aims to provide an immersive crypto-gaming experience in an inclusive virtual world, serving all participants while providing a fundamental platform.

What it does

NASH Metaverse is an interoperable NFT metaverse game that explores the possibilities of NFT 2.0 and supports access to all kinds of NFT assets. NFTs from different projects can be transformed into spaceships in the NASH Metaverse to enter and explore different galaxies, collect planet resources and occupy planets and systems. The NFT community can mobilize the enthusiasm of the project parties to develop intergalactic battles, airdrop exploration and other gameplay.

How we built it

NASH Metaverse has been under development for many months, aiming to provide users with better experience and details to ensure the game quality is at the leading level in the industry. Currently, NASH Metaverse has completed the development of Hyper Jump version of the game and completed the stage test, you can use the native NASH spaceship to travel in the mysterious and surprising space.

Challenges we ran into

The team is now looking for well-known NFT project parties on Oasis to collaborate with and fully commit to deploying to the Oasis public chain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

NASH Metaverse won the championship at the BSC Hackathon held by Dorahacks on 2021 Apr.

What we learned

Be the long-term crypto developers

What's next for Nash Metaverse

Currently NASH Metaverse is looking for the key to unlock the cosmic wormhole connection for smooth access to parallel universes of third party NFT projects or Mainnet.

Built With

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