Oftentimes, getting into investing and trading can be a nightmare. It's often overlooked - sometimes because of negative stigma, but also because of the harrowing complexity of diving into it. As a result, we wanted to create an easy to use tool for beginners to use in order to learn more about market basics as well as provide them resources to get started.

The Solution - Nashaq: A Nasdaq Bot

We created a chatbot specialized for Facebook Messenger to aid those interested in investing and trading.

The bot provide easy financial decisions and data visualization, and includes important indicators such as P/E ratio, Beta, One-Year Target, and 50-day moving average. Allows you to easily send results to friends and presents a key summary page with a financial recommendation.


Integrating with, making sure the NLP was trained properly and was accurate. Ultimately, chose to use JSON objects to check against user input since return results were more specific and precise. Using multiple npm packages and making sure they all transferred functionality over was also tricky. Initially written in python, but then switched to node.js to streamline everything.


Implement a better AI/NLP model to interpret the data, perhaps with Luis AI on the Azure platform.

Accomplishments/What we learned

We're proud of creating a full stack messenger bot that will allow users to easily find financial data for companies they are interested in learning more about. First time creating a bot, and got more familiar with node.js and using multiple modules.

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