"Space, the final frontier." Ever curious about the unknown yet beautiful space that surrounds us? Our features enables users to access information directly from Nasa iteself. Have a personal Neil Degrasse Tyson available through your own mobile device! We hope students find more interest in topics concerning our universe.

What it does

Alexa prompts the user for a phone number to send a test message with the daily space facts from Nasa.

How I built it

API documentation and tutorials, Python lambda function examples, On Site Mentors

Challenges I ran into

Importing modules available in Python into the AWS and lambda function console AWS development console bugs

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Enabling hands free text messaging through Amazon echo medium Fixing all the bugs for the skill to run successfully

What I learned

We learned how difficult it is to integrate multiple APIs, especially in integrating them with the Alexa development portal

What's next for Nasa Playground

Add additional functionality to alert users during recent discoveries and to allow users to request information from Nasa database by simply sending a response text

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