Originally, we wanted to build something that would mirror Yelp's mobile app experience after learning that it was capable of leaving visual markers (ratings) from the user's phone camera as they scan nearby restaurants in real time. We wanted to introduce different social elements into the app such as gamifying it and using a reddit like rating system.

What it does

We're working on an augmented reality mobile app with real-time geolocation based threads. The idea is people would leave a comment board behind from their app for other people to interact with. For example, if John Doe was leaving a bar and commented how crowded it was, nearby users who are actively looking for places to hang out can see from their camera of comments left by John Doe in their environment--all in real time. How cool!

How we built it

In order for us to quickly build an MVP and proof-of-concept, we required something that was opened source and easy to spin up to start prototyping our ideas. The stack consisted of using the DroidAR libraries and the MEAN stack with to handle all real-time based events with minimal latency from both the server and client side app.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, we couldn't build a demo in time.The challenge for the team was ultimately working on an outdated library from DroidAR. That led to issues with the client app commnicating over and the server that was handling all of the data stores. Also, accurately measuring the user's geolocations as they move around leaving different comments behind.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are all working on a new technology none of us had a single experience in. AR is a heavily undeveloped field and we wanted to contribute back to our community with something more modern and practical.

What I learned

Undertaking a huge project in AR requires more than 48hrs of hacking. It takes creatives minds, serious technical chops, and a strong will to build something cool and what we would want for ourselves.

What's next for Narwall

Although we may not have a properly working demo we will continually to work on the DroidAR, strip the libraries apart, figure out the source code, rebuild it, and contribute back to the community. This is a very enriching experience for our team and we're excited on what type of new things will come from it.

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