NarWall is inspired by a real life scenario of the high barrier of entry to be recognized as an official New School club. Given that all recognized student organizations by TNS are required to serve the entire student population and that the activity must contribute to the mission of TNS, there are many clubs that are unable to obtain the marketing and communication channels of the Office of Student Development and Activities.

NarWall hopes to allow students who share similar interests to be able to meet each other more easily. NarWall will serve as a dynamic database of unrecognized clubs, where any student at TNS may register a new club. Those looking to diversify their activities can easily find all relevant information about a club in one tap. (meeting dates/locations, members, etc.). We hope NarWall will strengthen the community at TNS.

Depending on its popularity at TNS, NarWall could be extended to work for other institutions where the need exists.

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