The Naruto anime and various two-person fighting games.

What it does

A fighting game for two persons using the same keyboard. One user controls Sasuke, the other controls Naruto. Then they fight.

How we built it

Mostly using the pygame Python module.

Challenges we ran into

Never made a game before with Python or otherwise. The animation was a challenge, I had to figure out Spritesheets and how to use them. Making the platforms for the characters to jump on and from was a timesink as well as figuring out the rules for the movements. Making the menu made me very sad because while not difficult it looks very awful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I never used pygame before, so making an actual working thing in two days makes me feel awesome. I'm also pretty proud of figuring out the Spritesheets and how to use them.

What we learned

The three P's of making a game. Plan, plan, plan. Without a plan to adhere to, making a game becomes a challenge. Also using classes makes the code look better and easier to figure out.

What's next for Naruto Vs Sasuke Fighting Game

Making the animation smoother, adding more images, more possible actions for characters (punches, kicks, special moves, etc), different maps, an AI to fight against, better in-game physics. A prettier menu is a must-have!

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