Naruto game. Combining my two favorite hobbies, anime & coding, I wanted to create a project that combined the two. The result, was a text game based on one my my past shows I watched, Naruto.

What it does

Text based game recreating a pivotal event in the Naruto show. Users can play as two characters and battle an enemy.

How we built it

Python & Pygame.

Challenges we ran into

Scalability. The project idea was too broad initially and slowly became truncated in order to fit the feasibility given my experience and time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a functioning program that resembles what I first thought of as my beginner hack.

What we learned

How to more effectively time manage and more efficiently use Python and the Pygame library.

What's next for Naruto

Create more complex mechanics for the game.

Built With

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