Inspired by sci-fi movies with futuristic controls (such as Passenger), we wanted to bring this reality to our daily lives. With easy access to virtual and augmented reality, we knew that this could be used in a practical sense.

What it does

Students these days have two options when it comes to organization and planning: traditional pen and paper or apps such as Google Calendar. We wanted to bring a more interesting way for people to plan and VR is the perfect platform for that. Virtually everyone owns a smart phone and inexpensive VR headsets are available widely.

Our project involves two main pieces of hardware: a VR headset and a Myo which is a wearable gesture controller. Through the Google Cardboard app we envisioned an app that is reactive to gestures from a Myo (such as swipe left/right/up/down, select, etc.) to interact with the different features.

The app includes access to the calendar (which is synced to the user's phone), to do list, weather, health (personal assistant to retrieve information about your medications or questions related to health), notes and settings. By using arm and hand gestures to navigate the user interface, it's more interesting than ever to keep track of your life.

How we built it

Using Myo Connect, we integrated the hardware with some code written in C++ to make custom gestures.

To create the application we used Unity to develop a 2D virtual reality UI. In order to integrate different scenes together we used C# and JavaScript.

The website was developed using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The hopeful domain name is

Challenges we ran into

Although the Myo and the VR application worked well seperately, the difficult part was merging them together. It was tested on a laptop rather than a phone because of the difficulty we came across trying to pair them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All four of us are first time Myo and Unity users so going from learning the very basics to creating a functional VR application is a big step for us. We all learned a lot this past weekend and had a fun time, as well.

Our project can also help individuals who rely on medication that must be taken on a regular basis. Our hope is that in the future we can integrate machine learning to provide better advice and information to the user.

What we learned

We learned how to use the Myo, Unity development, web development and teamwork skills.

What's next for NART

Develop more features such as social media access.

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