In today’s newsroom, there’s no easy to use tools for journalists to real-time create interactive visualisations that allow data driven storytelling.

Traditionally, the content drives news stories, and visualizations are just a nice add on to the narrative.

However, you will probably agree that there has been a faster shift in consumption of news stories than there has in the way journalists conduct them. Nowadays, newsreaders appreciate less content.

Therefore, we believe that there’s a greater use for tools that curate the stories we are already telling, than tools that generate even more content.

For this reason, we propose a new approach to narrating the news, focused on data-driven storytelling. The data set tells the story and short text snippets provide additional insight.

Narrata doesn’t require more than uploading two spreadsheets of data through a customised uploader: one that focuses on the data while the other on the storytelling.

In the toolkit, they can easily upload their dataset and link their narrative to certain data points. The data visualization changes as the reader scrolls through the article which essentially transform the reading experience.

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