People from three regions himalayas, hills and terai use different land conversion units here in Nepal. And there units are older than many countries. People from one region when needs to buy land or property based on volume and area often find difficulties converting these units as conversion logic are available among units within practised region. As government adopts these units young generation are left confused, well I was totally confused with these unit system.

What it does

  1. It takes an input numeric value from the user
  2. user needs to select the to/from conversion unit
  3. shows the answer

How I built it

First of all there was no conversion logic that i could implement straight away. So I developed relations of each unit with square meter and took it as the standard value. Then I kept developing relations table and finally using switch case to select selected units in pickerView and applying if unit1 == "this" && unit2 == "that" { do this set of calculations } else { do other set of calculations } thought the view controller i made it work

Challenges I ran into

  1. I found it difficult to add multiple units in picker view which i solved just by adding comma (,) and another array of units [...,...,...,...]
  2. conversion of text entered by user in textfield to numeric value to preform calculation
  3. implementing switch case for conversion throwing error and i ended up applying if - else

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Able to launch a solo app in AppStore which i was learning on my own
  2. Users are growing, as i'm writing this iTunesConnect shows 243 downloads and 137 updates. in 13W i.e 137 users are in my firebase database

What I learned

  1. App Submission process in AppStore
  2. Analysing my app performance

What's next for Napi - Nepali Unit Converter

  1. Adding conversion for length, weight
  2. Enabling Push Notifications
  3. Adding video ads after 15 conversions ( i.e 15 hits on convert button )
  4. Designing and developing adBanners for Marketing of App

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