Well, I had to drink some beer.

I thought about a going to my neighbourhood's grocery store. And ha. A huge line of people waiting to get inside. I waited around 30 seconds and bye. Then an idea came to my mind:

" What if I knew before leaving my house if my local grocery store was crowed by people waiting or it was a good time to go buy beer?".

Wrapped my head around this and voilà. I created napao. ( which literally in Greek means "Shoud I go ?". And it captures the struggle perfectly. )

What it does

  1. People can search for the grocery store they plan to visit and real-time check if the place is crowded by customers or it haves few people shopping in.

  2. It has a map containing all the grocery stores around, helping you decide the least crowded ones.

  3. Helps the grocery stores manage the crowd levels in their business, inform the public and get a load of statistics about public inrush and customer behaviour.

Which results in... preventing people from being crowed for their basic needs ( shoo! shoo! covid-19 ) and save you a respectful amount of time each week!

How I built it

The current web platform was created with the help of web-development technologies (React, Mapbox, Material-UI ... and others !). And as simplistic as possible.

Challenges I ran into

Finding the way to real-time update the database with people in-rush & out-rush, so it can benefit both public and businesses.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually trying to create something that may help tackle a world-problem. Which means the whole process was rewarding for me.

But I'm a little bit more proud because I overcame the fear of some of the technologies I used and:

  • I managed to visualize all spots to a global map.
  • I created an eye-candy admin page.
  • I solved a real problem with the power of technology.

What I learned

  • I learned,found and practised a whole load of libraries and tools that will give high potential to my sophistication as a developer.
  • I learned about human ability to communicate and co-operate in the midst of tough times.
  • How professionalism and highly-disciplined events, can result in great results and inspire many people to change their lives and the world.

What's next for napao

  • Assemble a sensor to store's doors that will automatically update the database.
  • Use real-time prediction models, like ARIMA methods, to provide pro-active information to stores.
  • Connect a real database to it and of course deploy it !
  • And of course, scale it up for other kinds of stores.

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