• Inspiration: The game takes place in a fictional universe where birds live. Yes, it's a bird. Something happened there, but you don't remember what. All you remember is the chamber and the chip, which is now under your wing. We'll have to figure out what's going on, but be careful...

  • What it does: 3D FPS for PC on Windows 10.

  • How I built it: To create the game, we used game engine Unity3D, several simulation programs (Fusion360 and Blender). C# programming language. The music was written on the beloved FL Studio.

  • Challenges I ran into: Despite the fact that some of us already have some minimal experience, there were serious problems with understanding each other. There was chaos that no one knew what to do, etc. But despite this, we did it and it turned out very funny :)

  • Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We have achieved a full-fledged 3D, because even on Unity it is impossible to implement it without problems, problems and torments. A colossal personal work was done with everyone and we know each of his place in the team!

  • What I learned: A lot of interesting things about the engine and its cons.

  • What's next for Napalniy's Pawn: Will be brought to a full story story, where many questions will be revealed. Many errors related to the code will be fixed. Optimizing and increasing the composition of the team, which will increase productivity and speed. Translations into many languages and much more.

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