Nanti is a DApp allowing to issue corporate bonds on an Ethereum compatible network and to use them as collateral for instant payment channels.


The contract is meant to be deployed by a corporate entity that want to issue and sell bonds. It aims to be compatible with relevant standards (ERC1400 & ss.) allowing issuance and redemption for instance. The bond rate is calculated by retrieving LIBOR (USD/30 days) trough chainlink.

Additionally the owner of a bond can offer it as a collateral to open a payment channel to a counterpart. The owner can know pay his counterpart with offchain messages. Outstanding amount can only increase.

At any moment he can attempt to close the channel by paying to the contract this temporary debt. The counterpart has then a time to decide :

  • Collect the amount paid and release his claim on the bond
  • Contest the amount with a higher proof, and collect amount paid and become owner of the bond

Current State

The prototype is usable here. It is deployed on a quorum private network between 4 validators nodes 4 AWS machines manually installed (here for a full description ) We have worked on a POA bridge to link this quorum chain with the Ethereum mainet. Finally we deployed the contract on a Skale private network.

  • Deployed on Quorum private network at 0x7179e4822d71b7843c336bf7c19e12c73ac6d5a0
  • Quorum chainlink consumer contract : 0x7B995813B0086fDa8253E1B3c0f23456e773CBf3
  • Deployed on Skale dedicated chain at 0xa0d04136d11402292a0b4640d90cf6932bb85858
  • Quorum chainlink consumer contract : 0x451875bdd0e524882550ec1ce52bcc4d0ff90eae

Currently chainlink full consumer is in the repository, deployed versions are simplified in absence of the main contract and node.

We use two repositories, one for the infrastructure, the other for the DApp.

Further development

In terms of use case, the concept can be extended to any type of title or asset represented in a digital form. More interestingly from a technical point of view,, the connection between different networks, including at the layer 2 (payment channels) is promising and allow to combine main cryptonetworked with regulated platforms. We are interested in pursuing this effort.

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