The story of Technical University LIberec (TUL) made all the Czech TV stations to show an effective approach that was pulling in students to run web stores and distribute masks.

What it does

The Liberec faculty researches nanomaterials, and came up with a fabric that can resist the Coronavirus - an 81% solution (spunbound) for normal use, a 95% solution for hospitals equivalent to FFP3

How I built it

The Czech team made the fabric and then went through several manufacturers to find new partners who could produce enough.

Challenges I ran into

It's difficult to find remote production partners, and unless masks are made directly with the nanofabric, it's still timeconsuming to add.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I personally am simply helping out the team at TUL, and now want to get exposure.

What I learned

Eshops and foreign distribution is tough enough - getting the filter into the mask production chain requires contacts in various countries. Focus on exporting 500meter rolls of material.

What's next for NanomaskCZ

Foreign partnering and exposure, new production in EU, on to Africa where they need it most. An inexpensive breathable hood for transporting patients and protecting health professionals more comfortably.

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