Nanohack was inspired by the want to make hackathons more prevalent in the industry. If you make a game about it, people will come.

What it does

It captures the idea and theme of a hackathon and presents it in a fun adventure that anyone can enjoy!

How we built it

We used Gamemaker Studio as our game engine. This is what was used to really put everything together. Beepbox and Audacity were used for music and sounds. Aesprite was used for the visual assets.

Challenges we ran into

The timing of everything was honestly our biggest challenge. When making a video game there are many aspects to be considered like programming, music, sounds, sprites and animation. Squeezing all of this into a 24 hour period with only 4 people is very challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel like we've done really well in the time management of our project. There are obviously more things we'd like to do with the game but some sacrifices had to be made to make sure the general idea got across in our short amount of time.

What we learned

I think we learned a lot about time management, project management and just general communication between a small team.

What's next for Nanohack

We have a wait list of ideas for the game that had to be put on hold due to the time constraint of a hackathon. We'd love to implement these ideas and add more levels to make this a more fully featured game that spreads the concept of hackathons far and wide!

Built With

  • aesprite
  • audacity
  • beepbox
  • gamemaker-studio
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