Being moved to another building during CalHacks due to lack of space and not knowing who was in my immediate area and who was looking for a teammate.

What it does

Simultaneously receive information of people while scanning them with your phone. Scanning a room retrieves information about the people within the room and displays that information as a pop up next to their head.

How I built It

I started off by getting the Microsoft API up and running. I used the Project Oxford APIs which would allow me to do facial recognition and similar face confirmations. After getting that up and running, I created a Parse database which I could use as the main storing point for my app's video analysis and user storage. I then started looking into the frame by frame breakdown and analysis.

Challenges I ran into

Not having enough time to get the separate parts properly integrated with each other. The frame by frame breakdown and analysis. My initial partner bailed early on so this partner hack unexpectedly became a solo hack.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As my first solo hack, I was able to get a lot of the components worked by the end of the hacking time.

What I learned

Being a 12 minute walk away from the main building had its disadvantages, especially when I needed API help or had questions.

What's next for NameTag IT

Breaking down video for frame by frame analysis. Fixing the bugs with the room scanning.

Built With

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