We used to play this game since we were children and when we used to only play with cards

What it does

The game is a simple one where the alphabet is chosen randomly and the players will get a certain time in which they have to fill Name, Place, Animal and Thing. At the end of the timer the form will be automatically submitted and score is calculated for each round. If two users have the same value they will get half points otherwise they get full points.

How we built it

We used Python, JQuery, Android to build or app both as a website as well as an android app

Challenges we ran into

The Major challenge we faced was to meet the deadline as the project was a huge one and we had o scale it down considerably

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we successfully managed to do the coding for one round of the game where the game is played score is calculated as well as displayed

What we learned

We learned many techniques and methodologies to develop our project

What's next for NamePlaceAnimalThing

We will try to make it more interactive

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