Starting a new job might be very stressful. New faces, and with each face a new name to remember. Do you feel comfortable with shouting "Hey, you!" across a room full of people? Maybe you fancy trying to remember some names from TechCrunch Hackathon?

What it does

The bot retrieves information about your peers from your team room (which the bot is part of). Start a 1-1 conversation with the bot and you will receive a profile image of one of your colleagues with a question about the name. Choose one out of three names by sending back "0", "1" or "2". Can you guess all the names?

How I built it

The bot behaves like a human client. It is listening on it's channel for incoming messages. The code was written in Python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It is working!

What I learned

We have made our very first bot!

What's next for nameMe

The bot may be extended with a scoreboard, and extra functionality to become an ice breaker platform!

Radix people

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