A project made for Videogames Subject at UPC FIB

Made by: Josep Llistosella and Sergi Sánchez

Implemented Functionalities

  • Procedurally generated map
  • Graphical interface that displays inventory menu of craft objects equipped character's life, etc.
  • Basic structure of four screens: the main menu, play, instructions, credits
  • Sound: background music and special effects (some handmade)
  • On the map there is a spaceship, find that and you win the game
  • 2 enemies with different behavior, and drops raredrops


  • PIKE allows to extract blocks of map (Different pikes have different extraction frequencies)
  • SWORD Damage evil enemies (Various swords apply different damage)
  • DIRT allows to place block of land
  • ROCK allows placing blocks of rock
  • WOOD Item for craftejar
  • NAMEKITA allows placing blocks NAMEKITA
  • COSMIC SULFATE allows placing blocks cosmic sulfate
  • LIMONITE Craft Item
  • POTION Heal Potion
  • MAGIC BEAN Max Heal

Controls Player:

  • W : Jump
  • A/D : Left/Right
  • SPACE : Run
  • Mouse : Put/destroy blocks, hurt enemies, etc


  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 : Select Item


  • LEFT/RIGHT : Select crafting position
  • UP : Increment quantity
  • DOWN : Decrement quantity
  • R : Craft Item


  • G : All items get +50 stock

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