1. We need to focus more on learning our natural world Our society is so immersed in technology that we often forget that we are part of an ecosystem that contains other animals as well. Being able to name animals in the wild allows people to enrich their lives and it sparks curiosity to learn about different animals and the natural world in general

2. Interactive Instead of worksheets and boring lectures, our website is a fun game encourages kids to learn Kids could watch lectures or documentaries on animals, but they are not actively “doing something” besides watching, whereas with our website, kids are forced to be engaged where they have recognize animals and type them in.

What it does

A fun game that allows users to identify and name animals

How I built it

Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Challenges I ran into

Moving text and images around the website Making buttons Integrating CSS and JavaScript into HTML

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

creating a multi-page website.

What I learned

learning how each piece, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, fits in to making the website.

What's next for Name That Animal

Incorporating more animals into our website.

Built With

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