As we brainstormed ideas, we kept thinking that an idea would be too complicated, cliched, or just plain useless. But one thing we all agreed on was going meta and making the entire process easier for future opportunities.

What it does

This website combines automated market/competitor research and a simple way to sign legal paperwork making creating businesses super easy. It will eventually implement Linkedin to make finding cofounders mindblowingly easy.

How we built it

The main tools used were TypeScript, JavaScript and Node.js. There was also a bit of python used for the market research aspect. For server hosting and market and competitor research, we used the Google Cloud Platform API and AWS. We also used PyMongo to store the research data, and MongoDB Stitch to store data for individual users of the site.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges we ran into was setting up a proper database and finding a good way to automate market research. The database turned out to be much more nuanced that first intended, and took up almost an entire day. The process we used to do the market research was also incredibly hard at first, and took up most of our time away from the other parts of the project. Also, one of our member's computers had so many restrictions so he couldn't code, which wasted a lot of out potential.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very proud of our website homepage and database. The website was very clean, and given a bit more time, would have looked very high quality. Our method of finding similar companies would have also been very promising, but we ran out of time :(

What we learned

We learned that projects are usually much harder than they appear, and when in a time crunch, absolutely 0 time can be wasted. Also, caffeine is a very useful tool in the hands of a coder.

What's next for QuickBiz

First, we will be finalizing the website design and database structure. Next, we will be greatly augmenting the market research portion by implementing the Blackrock API, and make the paperwork easier by finalizing Docusign implementation. We will also make the partner detection aspect, all of which were not hashed out to their maximum potential because of unfortunate events.

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