As we’ve seen the It can be difficult learning to use terminals for fear of messing with your computer due to a lack of knowledge, so we wanted to create a product that makes it easier and safer for people to experiment and learn with git and bash commands.

Learning to use the terminal is an important fundamental aspect of development, but it can have a steep learning curve. Many industries, including finance, healthcare and business, now require Understanding the terminal can give small businesses and individuals alike a big advantage by allowing them to automate common tasks, develop and collaborate more easily, and ...

What it does

Hack with terminal is a platform that allows users to learn and get familiarized with the different terminals present in the market. Our sole motto is for the people to start learning, just give them that nudge, to help them get started with the world of terminals. This platform offers a virtual environment so that people who just have the access to the internet can start learning irrespective of the Operating System they are using. You can have a QuickStart and work with the terminals for a limited time or you can SignUp as a user and then use the platform. Regardless of the sign-in method, each user is assigned their container within the Linode server.

How we built it

We used React framework for the frontend development, firebase to host our site and authenticate users anonymously and with email/password In the backend, we used a server on Linode and **(?)node to run a docker container for each user and set up an API.

Challenges we ran into

Time Constraints also the API integration took much longer than we expected.

We had to coordinate our time and communicate well in order to collaborate since we had an up to 9-hour time difference between us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to complete the terminal integration

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate efficiently, met new people, and learned about new technologies! Linode had been new to a lot of us.

What's next for HackWithTerminal

Expand it to add more tutorials, including information about bash scripting.

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