People love games, and we do too. We have also been thinking about doing something fun. We had two ideas: the first one was to make a puzzle game; the second one was a combating game that consists of two players. We decided to take on the second, as it was a dual-player game which meant people could play with their friends, and players would be more engaged in the game. Another reason is when we were looking through the hardware list, we found the Myo armband might be adapted to game playing. It should works perfectly for 2D games.

What it does

There are two players in this game. Their normal attack is to throw bombs onto their opponent to cause damage. They also have a super which take of several hit points of the opponent immediately but the super can only be used once. Whoever kills the other one and survives wins the game. There is no time limit on each set of the game. Besides using the keyboard, this game also allow using the Myo armband to be the controller. Different gestures can be different inputs.

How we built it

We first draw the game on paper. Then we utilized unreal engine 4 to create the game. Unreal is a beautiful and advanced game engine. We created a 2D scene, and made 2 characters to be spawn at the beginning of every game. We also implemented the normal skill and the super by creating another 2 blueprints. We also integrated Myo armband into game playing.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the process, we have had some challenges from the camera and the integration of Myo armband for game playing. We first set the camera static, but then we realized that we should make the camera dynamic as it should be zoom in when players move toward each other and vice versa. Also, the Myo armband was not working as we expected. We were thinking that the 2 players can be controlled by 2 Myo armband respectively. However, it was either the 2 armbands controlled the same character or both characters are controlled by the same armband. Moreover, since there are not many free unreal assets on the internet, we also have to create our graphics from the scratch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to set the camera dynamic and zoom in and zoom out smoothly when 2 players move. We also managed that one of the character can be controlled by the armband and the other can be controlled by the keyboard.

What we learned

We read a lot of documentation and tutorial. We learned how we can set a dynamic camera to capture the characters properly. We also learnt that Myo armband could be very interesting and useful in game playing.

What's next for Myobomber

Next, we will manage the second character to be controlled by another armband. We will try to find a way to adjust the parameters of Myo armband in order to make it much easier to use. Since the game is still in a prototype, we will also add a variety of character selection, a few features, and better graphics.

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