The Arduino community provides a full eco-system of developing systems, and I saw the potential in using hardware, IOT and cloud-integration to provide a unique solution for streamlining processes for business.

What it does

The web-app provides the workflow for a one-stop place to manage hundreds of different sensors by incorporating intelligence to each utility provided by the Arduino REST API. Imagine a health-care company that would need to manage all its heart-rate sensors and derive insights quickly and continuously on patient data. Or picture a way for a business to manage customer device location parameters by inputting customized conditions on the data or parameters. Or a way for a child to control her robot-controlled coffee machine from school. This app provides many different possibilities for use-cases.

How we built it

I connected iPhones to the Arduino cloud, and built a web-app with NodeJS that uses the Arduino IOT API to connect to the cloud, and connected MongoDB to make the app more efficient and scalable. I followed the CRM architecture to build the app, and implemented the best practices to keep scalability in mind, since it is the main focus of the app.

Challenges we ran into

A lot of the problems faced were naturally in the web application, and it required a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I are proud of the app and its usefulness in different contexts. This is a creative solution that could have real world uses if the intelligence is implemented carefully.

What we learned

I learned a LOT about web development, database management and API integration.

What's next for OrangeBanana

Provided we have more time, we would implement more sensors and more use-cases for handling each of these.

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