Four newbies in the field of developing, Neeraja, Paavani, Purushoath and me ..decided to submit our applications for Canada's biggest hackathon, "HackTheNorth". We worked on the invisible driving force of social pressure where we all published on our social platforms that we would be building for the hackathon. This was our first venture in the world of hackathons as team, so we wanted to make something simple which will boost our experience. This made us work harder to build a mini chat app.

What it does

Namaste World is a simple chat application. It's UI is super simple which provides a seamless chat experience

How we built it

We created a react app using create-react-app and had incorporated only two dependencies in it, one being @ant designs to make the UI more elegant. Creating the different feeds on the UI was a tough job since each and every feed jsx and layout had to be considered. We chose a standard css design and made no modifications to it. We used Chat Engine API to complete the app. Now it can be run locally on every computer. We created only one user "javascript mastery" and one room, "JSM community"

Challenges we ran into

First time react project, found many errors while writing code. hard deadlines. collaboration with team members virtually bit tough. Installation of node.js software and running of the command of creating new app was difficult at first. Then we had to make few more additional changes in the Backend part . We learned how to do video making and editing too and also learned about the problem solving of bugs in coding part , later we fixed it after some time . Front-end UI part was also pretty tough to do and learned perfectly till now.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a functional app in a very limited time through constant communication and solid planning. This was our first hackathon and we had to learn many new skills in order to develop this app. We are pleased with our results.

What we learned

We learnt a lot of basic skills required in hackathons. We improved our coding skills and learnt a lot about React.js. We also gained a lot of experience in the Non Technical area such as coordinating with the team, Planning and execution in a limited time. Overall we learnt about always trying your best and do not hid behind fear of failure. This project wouldn't have been possible if we questioned our skills .

What's next for NamasteWorld

We are working towards finishing up the functionalities and based on it's popularity launch it in cloud since we can get more space to accomaodate more users and better reliability.

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